CNC Folding & Punching

Punching delivers a more accurate and cleaner hole than laser cutting and is particularly suitable for components that require tapping or countersinking. In some cases it can also be faster than than a laser.

Holding a stock of punches and dies means we can deliver individual components quickly and without additional tooling costs. Our reliability and quality means you get what you need, when you need it.

Repeatability and accuracy are crucial when it comes to folding. Bucks Laser have a extensive range of tooling meaning we can produce quality components at competitive prices.

Our machinery allows us to complete multiple folds in a single cycle enabling us to reduce costs and improve delivery times.


Bucks Laser Tech is an established business with extensive knowledge of rapid prototyping and laser etching.



Bucks Laser Tech is a Trading Name Of Torque Precison Limited.

Bucks Laser Tech