Laser Marking & Engraving

With our laser marking and engraving service, any product or material you have can be permanently markable. Before permanently marking any of your items or products, we can show you the size and position through 3D modelling or a photograph.

Due to our specialist technology we can mark, QR codes, bar codes, logos, images, letters and numbers. We also have a rotary axis on each of our machines enabling us to engrave parts on a 360 degree circumference if required.

At Bucks Laser Tech, we are capable of marking a large variety of materials. This includes:

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Woods
  • Glass

We have most materials covered. If if your chosen material is not listed, contact us for more information.

We understand that the laser marking and engraving has got to look and feel right. Our wealth of knowledge & machinery allows us to meet strict customer demands for required depths and specific aesthetic finishes.

We accept most file formats including eps and dxf and can produce the artwork for you if necessary.

Samples can be arranged upon request.


Bucks Laser Tech is an established business with extensive knowledge of rapid prototyping and laser etching.



Bucks Laser Tech is a Trading Name Of Torque Precison Limited.

Bucks Laser Tech